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The maximum rotation of 45° would give the best ovary visibility, without tissue manipulation. *

No need for auxiliary operations to rotate.
The patient needs to be secured to the table with each of the legs and the chest

Cradle suitable for animals of any size.

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* Liehmann LM, Seny T, Duprè G. " Effect of patient rotation on ovary observation during laparoscopic ovariectomy in dogs" Veterinary Surgery 2018; 47: O39-O51

Max capacity 100 KG

Flat base

Positive profile

2 Versions: positive profile and flat base

The positive profile is prepared for orthopedic surgical tables, the flat base for any other flat-surface surgical table.


Aluminum structure 5000 series (medical)
Disinfectable with any product on the market
Rust resistant
Waterproof electrical system IP6
V shape 90° cradle
Securing animal's limbs and chest
Total cradle rotation both sides.


  • Electronic security system with reset button
  • Rotation positioning
  • Maximum guaranteed capacity 100 kg
  • 24 V LINAK electric actuator
  • Noise level < 50 dB(A)
  • Cradle dimension 140cm x 25cm x 25cm
  • Fully cleanable and disinfectable
  • Guaranteed CE certification

  • Two years warranty electronic components

  • Remote assistence

Foot switch

Single foot switch control (medical) waterproof type FS3.
Allows you not to touch the patient during the phases of rotation.

Anti-crushing electronic safety system with sensitive edges


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it is essential for quick and precise minimally invasive surgery in small animals

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